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I & U, starting in 2012 has since evolved to become a network that encourages uniqueness, yet trend.  Fitting today's world crave, we basically like to help the right creative artists succeed. Whether you are creatively creating your own song or creatively performing a cover. 

"We look forward to the future" said an I&U spokes person, "excited by the possibilities through our partnerships" he continued. 

"Our future we believe is bright, uniqueness we believe has never been more relevant and as we love to be Innovative in our approach, we believe the sky is just the beginning for our venue partners and Artists!"

What do we do? We sometimes put on trendy music and network events alongside our annual Artist Celebration evening where musicians network, eat, drink and share ideas around being truly successful in the music industry. 

What do we believe? We believe people of art can stay true to their conscience, and still  be successful on their music journey. We also teach strategic spends, how to return your investment in music etc. 

What are our Partnerships? We know some corporates who would like to host live music events, we are sometimes approached for recommendations. We also have key venue partnerships and can help musicians put on headline shows.

Our founder is also a touring artist who has in many cases booked support and opening acts from our pool of artist contacts!

What can Artist bring to I&U? We work very well with selfless artists, or should we say, artists that are not just about their success, thinking of others as well! Those types of artists, we resonate with!


The above said, no matter what stage you are in your music career, if your attitude is right, we'd love to be around you!

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