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A place for you in the Industry

Christmas just done, 2021 is nearly a wrap..... What has the year been like for you?

Many have said "not great", hoping for a better new year!

As we step into 2022, we are hoping you can take some things learnt from this year into next.

With the above said, what is the industry looking like at the moment?

From our observation, there seems to be a divide.... A divide between the online world and the live gig world.

It is becoming more apparent that more and more artists though finding a level of success online have struggled to grow their live "following".

We thought we'd focus on just two effective ways of growing your live reach!

First one is by....... Playing your own headline shows

Second is to play support shows

Playing headline shows can be tricky, you really need a project manager to help. There are tricks to the trade, and although nothing is guaranteed, you'll have a better change to succeed if you have an Artist Manager.

Playing a support gig for an artist with a good live following has also had a place in the journey of many musicians as, it has helped them tap into someone else's fan base in hope of growing theirs!

I have listed two ways below many musicians you may know have bagged themselves some prestigious support slots ,

1) Through a talent or booking agent

2) Through a tour buy on agent

Talent and booking agents could be great assets, they have great relationships with many venues and many times are made aware when there is a support slot availability, when fitting, they can recommend you!

Buy on tours, though have been used by many artists over the years in many cases aren't paid! Sometimes they even cost the artists.

How does it work? You essentially pay your way in hope that you can sell some merch, plus attract some new following on the way.

Some artists seeking buy on support acts will even priorities their support acts based on those who can guarantee a certain amount of ticket sales.

Most buy on tours will only accommodate acoustic acts. All of that said, some musicians have made a lot from buy on tours through PRS or PPL for music. If you aren't registered for PRS or PPL as a musician, you should.

In closing, though we all have personal preferences with regards to how we go about our music, what ever avenue we choose will require some investment and hard work.

We at I&U hope to have a few network sessions in the new year discussing some of the above further, aiding where and when we can. There is definitely a place for you in the music scene in 2022 and with the right attitude and information, you can see your goals fulfilled.

Until the new year.

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