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An Important Realization

Updated: Oct 22, 2022

"The Music Industry is a ginormous business!". Is that a bad thing? I suppose any answer is debatable.

What are big labels really looking for? Some readers may already know this, but, big labels are looking for a brand they can market and make some money off!

Remember the earlier statement; "The music Industry is ginormous business!"... And it operates like any other business, to make profit!

With many musicians turning down label offers these days, how does an unsigned musician navigate the pressure of selling tickets for live shows and/or get their music out there digitally?

Well, there are multiple ways, but, it honestly depends on what each individual musician is trying to achieve.

We were speaking with an A&R person that works with all the "You know who's" in the industry recently, and he made a very profound statement; "A live fan base and a digital fan base are very different!". He went on to say; "I know artist who are getting tons and tons of streams digitally, and that through major playlists, but they can't sell ten tickets!"... Hard to believe right?

What do we recommend Artists do, since it can sometimes look very complex?

1) We recommend that Artists define their goal(s).... Where would you like to get to? What is the goal for the next six months? Or long term goal?

2) We also recommend that Artists get a plan in place to achieve those goals.... Goals without a plan is wishful thinking!

My goodness, sounds so simple right? Most musicians don't actually have answers to both of the above questions!

Success, though a weighty word, is relative to each person and if you choose where you'd like to be successful, we at I&U can help with advice on the best route!

Let’s talk a bit about the live side of things…. See two important facts re live below:

1) Up to 70% of people that attend a well-planned and marketed ticketed show may have never heard you play live before... Staggering right? However stats show this to be true.

2) Most people that attend your life shows may not follow you on social media

The above are facts musicians may have to live with!

How does an Artist market a live show so as to sell tickets? Reach out to us and schedule in a session.

Final words:

The next twelve months could be very defining for you as an Artist. The very important question remains, what would you like to achieve?

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