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Artist Spotlight: Jake Isaac

Jake began to grab our attention some years ago, lately we feel his sound is not just relevant but..... just brilliant! Yes, he has the TV and Radio plays and a great bio, but those weren't as impressive to us as his originality and music content!

We also love the sentiments he has always shown to his listeners!

Jake's latest Album HONESTY is remarkable!

The Intro is "something else", very touching and will be sure to keep listeners engaged. We moved on to the first track of the album "Good", which is excellently produced, you can feel the groove and the lyrics are impeccable. Jake features Tertia May on this song. "Eyes for You" the second track flowed really nicely, sounding like a tribute, a song dedicated to someone. Steady listening to "Remember", "Gold" intently but had to pause and relisten to "Him", a voice note which is again heart felt.

A common theme all through the album is the desire; Desire to get his passion, message across.... You can feel Jake "pour himself" through the songs. "Talk About It" shows the fluency in Jake's vocals. "Wake Up", "Promised You" and "Never Forget" are the perfect layout to end the album.

As uncertainty spans our world, Jake is clearly aiming to make great music to keep us going.

Listen to HONESTY on Spotify or Apple Music

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