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I&U 2021 Awards, Artist Spotlight: Vic Cracknell

A memorable evening indeed, I&U 2021 was our best Artist Celebration evening yet!

With live performances from some very fine musicians, the evening was impeccably beautiful!

All of the above wouldn’t have been a true celebration without our 2021 I&U artist of the year, Vic Cracknell!

Vic describes himself on his social media as; A Musician, Performer, Singer Songwriter and an Open Mic host. Known within the music circuit in Surrey and Hampshire, It was delightful and very impressive to see that Vic had carried on as much as he could have done during lock down, even recording a full length album!

We had a listen to Vic’s album and loved his originality, lyrics and delivery.

BR described Vic as “A Grass-root musician”. Vic’s twelve track album titled “Rediscover” is one we most highly recommend!

It starts of with “Rediscover”, the album title track!

Rediscover is a very well written song with delivery that will captivate every listener. We moved on to “Happiness (When the Sun Keeps Shining)”, a song that will get you tapping your feet. “It Certainly Feels Like Love” was the next track on the album, we could hear influences of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Billy Joe and the like on this track, and then, “Free Yourself” which we thought had a very nice pop sound with very relevant lyrics. “Reach One Person”, “Warm September Sun” and “Nothing Could Ever Stop Me Loving You” came subsequently next and then “What Kind of Music Do You Play” a song we had to listen to again, as it was too catchy not too!

Then came “Being in Love with You” a very well written love song. “I Could Write a Song” was next, with Vic and just his piano. “Nowhere I’d Rather Be Right Now” was an infused jazz sound and the album had just the right ending with “Sand Dream”, just piano which felt like the perfect outro to a complete album

In Vic’s album we could hear Originality, Authenticity and Uniqueness…. Three characteristics that aren’t as common as we’d like them to be in today’s music industry.

As Vic carries on with his music career, we can can’t but see a bright future!

Listen to REDISCOVER on Spotify or Apple music as you join us in wishing Vic all the best for the future.

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