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I&U Celebration 2022

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

Our Annual Celebration Event

We carefully picked our venue, a venue that would give the 'homely feel' we wanted to carry on into the night! We also had an array of finely picked artists lined up to play to fellow musicians, promoters and music lovers.

Anticipations were high, the ground was set! With LAX events on sound, everyone was sure to sound great. Mat Teague Photography was also on ground, capturing special moments as the evening went by.

The evening kicked of with Sarah welcoming our delegates, of which there were about 35.

BR James then gave a talk on the history of Innovative and Unique, that was soon followed by a performance by him.

"At these evenings, we want everyone in attendance to feel pampered" said BR James

From the sound of acoustic blues, to the fine delivery of acoustic pop and a mixture of music blends in between, the music was fine to listen to. Our performers for the evening were: Paul Wilson, Neil Wells, Laura Loh and Meddling Fox.

"It's been our best event yet" Said BR James, "and we hope to carry on this annual tradition" he continued.

(Graham Steel pictured above)

Haven been through lock down and seen the struggles the live music industry has had, we honored Graham Steel for his hard work and dedication to the music scene.

We then welcomed Jake Isaac to the stage for a chat! Jake is an accomplished musician that has toured with Elton John. He currently runs his own label, also working with major labels. We spoke about the industry and Jake gave musicians some very simple tips to "cracking" the music industry code.

(Jake Isaac Pictured above)

We ended our evening with our yearly award, our I&U 2022 Award, and that went to Megan Collins for all her hard work that has led to multiple tracks being released this year. Megan couldn't be with us on the evening due to circumstances beyond her control, but our very own Caalie personally handed Megan her trophy and gifts the day after!

I&U Celebration evenings are self funded, but set up to acknowledge artists, letting them know they are not alone!

We are all really looking forward to next years event, and hope you can join us then! A wait list will be available by May 2023. See our venue set up before our guests arrived below! We also have more pictures on our Facebook page, here's a link to it!

We'd like to give special thanks to Jabra for their support, to Sylvie Blackmore of BBC Radio Sussex and Surrey and to all that attended.

Until next time!

I&U Team

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