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Perceived Reality vs True Reality

As humans we all love to show our "best" side….. Possibly because we fear being judged if we don’t, and as much as nothing is actually wrong with showing our “best” side, it could sometimes make others feel like they don’t match up.

We as live performers are used to the crowd selfies, the going live on stage, the strategic camera positioning to capture an engaged audience but, is the life of a locally, regionally, nationally or even globally known musician fulfilled because of those? Well, only each musician can tell.

However, as assuredly as people complain about their day jobs, the most successful musicians complain about theirs!

Below are a few things we’ve identified many musicians believe will fulfil them but don't necessarily

1) A hit song

2) A cheering crowd

3) Being famous

4) Having a large number of people know the words to your songs

Though some of the above we’ve known to be more fulfilling than others, also some fulfilling for a short time more than others, we’ve identified that those that have made and performed music and continue to make and perform music in spite of their degree of success whilst truly enjoying what they do have been those that have:

1) Written lyrics they’ve identified with

2) Connected with their audience through their art

3) Not chased the glam but focused on the art

4) Identified priorities and rightly placed their career where it should be in their life

As we continue to make and perform music, in our experience, our life, family and friends can be a great part of that story.

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