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Remembering our Beginning

Updated: May 30, 2021

"We were all really excited, months of planning was finally paying off. A venue filled with music lovers and musicians"

That was our I&U 2013 event as pictured above. It was hosted after a successful event the previous year.

We've seen many in the music industry start off with a passion that only seems to die down a few years into their pursuit.

We counted our cost

We wanted to start something that was going to last. We visualized five, ten, fifteen, even up to thirty years on and had surety that our passion was going to stand the test of time

Though I&U has evolved, we've only seen that as fine tuning "the" vision.

What we expect for the next five years

We plan on evolving a little bit more! We plan on creating more of a family culture! We plan on offering Artist management services, music advice where possible, music write ups, and aid artists with organizing their own ticketed gigs.

Alongside these, we plan on making our Artist celebration evenings annual!

No charge to Artists

We'll never charge or ask for money for any of our services

The industry is undoubtedly becoming a ginormous money making business machine. We understand that the business side to music is essential to music growth. That said, we plan on being a trusted adviser, giving musicians what we believe is best advise in their individual scenarios and all that for free

Are we excited about the remainder of 2021?

Very much so!

We are all really looking forward to our 2021 Artist celebration evening! It will be a black tie event at a location in fleet, with a three course meal provided. We'll get to celebrate Artists, enjoy some live music and each others company! We also plan on two write up's a year to aid artists with their music release.

With it almost being summer, we'll ask that you keep close to our social pages for event announcements!

Hoping you have a smashing rest of your year and if you like our vision and will like to be part of what we are doing, drop us a message using our contact form on this page!

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