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Artist Spotlight: Elliott James

Updated: Mar 21

Elliott James describes himself as a British guitarist, songwriter, singer and artist, residing in Copenhagen, Denmark.

With so many new releases hitting Spotify daily, we weren't sure what to expect on Elliot's new track 'Scars', but hitting the play button was a nice surprise.

We found the intro catchy, and in our opinion, "It was just the right length".

When the "hook" started, we kept listening to see where the song was going. It was a natural flow, with Elliots lovely voice tone to icing an already lovely track.

Scars reminds each listener of a real struggle, "We are all covered in Scars" Elliot sings. It is evident that the lyrics were thoughtfully written, as each line builds on the next. It was also nice to hear a guitar solo.

We highly recommend everyone listens to scars, It is a great track!

Listen to "Scars" on Spotify or Apple Music

"Scars" is the second song on Elliot's four track EP titled, "Whether I like it or Not"

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