Chat with BR James about his "Treasure from Trash" Initiative

Updated: Oct 23

BR, a household name in Surrey and Hampshire speaks about his new initiative: Treasure from 'Trash'.

See Q&A below:

Tell us about your Treasure from Trash Initiative: Firstly, no one is trash, although many people feel like they are! I have an idea to reach out to people mainly in third world countries, people who have very little or nothing at all, seeing how I can help them with their current basic requirements.

Some people live in countries with very oppressive governments; We can easily sit back and think, well that's nothing to do with me, but, for me, true equality is helping those who have no way of paying you back.

Why call this initiative treasure from trash?: It is hard to believe good things can come out of bad places, I've been in bad places in my life, I have also not always made the best choices. I feel like it is important for people to know that; Ins-spite of how dire their life may look, there are hidden treasures very close and I know that from my life experiences.

What are your long and short term goals for this initiative?: Short term, I'd like to help one person at a time. Things can sometime look overwhelming, but, I have decided to do what I can, in the present. Long term, the plan is to have two divisions, one for children and the other for adults, training them to see treasure in themselves in hope that they will in turn see treasures in others in 'dire' circumstances... Along side this, supporting them with basic requirements for living.

How can people support your initiative?: People can reach out to me directly, we can discuss ideas.

How can the public get hold of you?: Email works well,

Why are you so interested in helping people?: When no one believed in me, someone did, and helped me. It will take a lot for me to loose hope when it comes to dealing with people.

Interview by I&U